30 December 2006

Other point of view, part #2

Well... I feel like going nowhere with this piece. I think I'll leave it for now.

29 December 2006

Other point of view, part #1

I've decided to play with a little bit different point of view - from the above rather than from the side. Today - part #1, to be continued...

28 December 2006

Fluffy caterpillar

It's fluffy. And it's caterpillar. Unfortunately, it's in greyscale - otherwise, it would be pink (pretty obvious, huh?).

27 December 2006

The Day After...

Remember, children: drinking too much is BAD (ouch! my head is melting...)

26 December 2006

I don't feel starved at all.

I must admit, that I have no !@#$% idea what to write today - let's stay in silence with this head exercise.

25 December 2006

X-mas food-fest

Real purpose of X-mas exposed - eating. And I mean EATING (that goes just after getting rid of that damn easter bunny...).

24 December 2006

X-mas discounts & causeless violence

Happy Christmas & [insert-another-nice-and-fluffy-wishes-here]! How about a piece of absolutely senseless violence? Come on, we all know that's not about Christmas itself. It's about that damn easter bunny...

Seeking for The Revenge of The Easter Bunny? Well, bad luck. Try again in a couple of months, preferably april.

23 December 2006

Handy handjob inauguration

Welcome. This blog isn't about writing stuff - it's rather about sketches, pictures, paintings, doodles and other visual stuff. Ok, ok... it's also about motivation. I hope it'll motivate me to draw every single day, at least for a few minutes...