19 December 2010

Merry X-mas from zombie Santa

A result of my recent experiments with "analogue" (or "traditional") techniques. Painting with acrylics is fun :)

Merry X-mas everybody!

22 November 2010

Gamedec - spaceport

After few months of silence - I'm back!

This is an illustration for 'Gamedec' sci-fi novel series created by Marcin Przybylek. Check the GamedecVerse website for details (the site is in Polish), as well as gamedeczone for even more details.

The illustration took me a few months of work & a lot of coffee ;)

EDIT: There will be a bit updated version of the image very soon, so stay tuned (and forget about the old one ;) ).

24 February 2010

Warmup landscape

I've took some old doodle, rearranged it a bit and played with some brushes in photoshop.

10 January 2010


Not fully finished concept (don't have more time for this one :/ ).

01 January 2010

The Ark - final version

Here's the final version.