29 January 2007

Things are getting hairy.

Spiders are cool. Big & hairy spiders are uber-cool & groovy, so here it comes - it's big, it has many eyes, it's hairy and - most important - it's a spider.

25 January 2007


No further comments to this one - sometimes it's better to stay disconnected...

21 January 2007

Sunday flower.

It's sunday, so maybe it's time for a flower? This one seems to be hungry...

20 January 2007

It's batman time.

The Clown will have to wait a little bit. For now - a small batman doodle.

15 January 2007

I hate mondays.

Moving a little bit forward, or maybe not... mondays suck. Period.

13 January 2007

I'm back.

During past few days I was only able to do this quick sketch - a clown playing some sort of trumpet (or whatever). I've started some color work with this sketch, not sure really where I want to get with this one... (as usual).

05 January 2007

Catch the brain!

"Catch the brain!" is very amusing game. The only problem is to find a proper brain - most of typical brains have no sense of humour at all.

03 January 2007

Mr. Clockwork

As I currently don't have much time for new stuff, here's an old piece. It's inspired by great stuff of Matt Dixon - if You don't know him, don't waste more time here and browse his gallery.

Well... to be honest about this pic - it's not so "inspired", it's rather "want-to-paint-like-Matt" ;-)

02 January 2007

The Ugliest Rat on Earth

Here it comes - it's big, it's hairy and it's a Rat. Enjoy.

01 January 2007

HNY 2007!

Happy New Year 2k7.

I was pretty unable to draw today - that's why I've posted this old picture. It's just another doodle, made for fun.