18 December 2007

10 October 2007

Dreamcatcher, mark II

Yeah, it's another concept called "Dreamcatcher". This time it's for Concept Corner challenge on max3d.pl forum. It's not as finished as I wish it was, as I didn't have enough time.

21 September 2007

14 September 2007

Back from the grave... or something.

As you probably already noticed, I have some problems with such complicated terms as "regular", "consequent" or "on a daily basis". The good news is that I'm working on it.

08 June 2007

But this one is pointing right.

A bit of warhammerish touch is always kewl.

07 June 2007

30 May 2007

I believe I saw similar picture somewhere...

...but I have no idea where.

P.S.: Whoa! First update in may! :-)

29 April 2007

There are some flaws of being an anteater...

This piece was done for 'Stylized Animal Challenge' on ca.org.

26 April 2007

I believe it's an ayleid warrior.

The Ayleids, also known as the Wild Elves or Heartland High Elves, were the first race to establish an empire in Tamriel, the continent in TES4: Oblivion. This particular one was made for a friend of mine. I've had very few visual references for this character, so it's kind of improvised piece.

15 April 2007

Big Brown Hairy Beaver.

It's just big brown hairy beaver. He convinced me that he has nothing to do with those good old '70 porn movies.

07 April 2007

Brand new Easter picture.

It looks like the Easter Bunny is not a vegetarian... Happy Easter!

18 March 2007

This site is NOT dead.

Another piece for Ch.O.W. (character of the week) on ca.org. The topic was "dreamcatcher". Above you can see the initial sketch and the final picture.

08 March 2007

22 February 2007

Highly Explosive

This little fella was made for C.O.W. (creature of the week) on ca.org. Topic - "highly explosive".

No explanation provided.

15 February 2007

There's no escape.

Beware of the Valentine Hugger!

05 February 2007

Monday doodles.


29 January 2007

Things are getting hairy.

Spiders are cool. Big & hairy spiders are uber-cool & groovy, so here it comes - it's big, it has many eyes, it's hairy and - most important - it's a spider.

25 January 2007


No further comments to this one - sometimes it's better to stay disconnected...

21 January 2007

Sunday flower.

It's sunday, so maybe it's time for a flower? This one seems to be hungry...

20 January 2007

It's batman time.

The Clown will have to wait a little bit. For now - a small batman doodle.

15 January 2007

I hate mondays.

Moving a little bit forward, or maybe not... mondays suck. Period.

13 January 2007

I'm back.

During past few days I was only able to do this quick sketch - a clown playing some sort of trumpet (or whatever). I've started some color work with this sketch, not sure really where I want to get with this one... (as usual).

05 January 2007

Catch the brain!

"Catch the brain!" is very amusing game. The only problem is to find a proper brain - most of typical brains have no sense of humour at all.

03 January 2007

Mr. Clockwork

As I currently don't have much time for new stuff, here's an old piece. It's inspired by great stuff of Matt Dixon - if You don't know him, don't waste more time here and browse his gallery.

Well... to be honest about this pic - it's not so "inspired", it's rather "want-to-paint-like-Matt" ;-)

02 January 2007

The Ugliest Rat on Earth

Here it comes - it's big, it's hairy and it's a Rat. Enjoy.

01 January 2007

HNY 2007!

Happy New Year 2k7.

I was pretty unable to draw today - that's why I've posted this old picture. It's just another doodle, made for fun.