16 August 2008

One is not enough.

One new, unfinished (as usual). And one old, showing some progress.

03 August 2008

Another disturbing clown

Work in progress - stay tuned for updates.

07 July 2008


No guns, no masks - just a landscape.

04 July 2008

guns, guns, guns...

Guns are cool. Big guns are cool even more. Maybe it would be a good idea to add some boobs, just to make it uber-cool (or even uber-kewl).

09 June 2008

Random fun...

...with Batman at 20:52 (or 8:52 pm in case you can only count to twelve).

01 June 2008

he needs a hug.

Second update, in a short period of time. Now just give him a hug.

just another head.

Small update. Nothing particular to say about this one, to be honest.

04 May 2008

Clown - remake

I've decided to get back to my old piece.

26 April 2008

Hard life of a psycho.

I think that he's not a vegetarian.

18 April 2008

Brain exposure

Now that's what I call tight composition. And it is literally tight, it would be a good idea to add some air to the left side, and maybe to the right side, and maybe... well, maybe next time.

01 April 2008

Uroboric Forms

Thank's for all comments on previous progress piece. This is kind of finished one. I think that the title is pretty obvious - just check out the LP "Focus" from (recently reunited) band Cynic, if in doubt.

From "the things I hate": Photoshop sometimes goes totally crazy with color profiles.

26 March 2008


Expected some easter-related picture? WRONG. There will be no easter picture this year. Easter bunny really died in x-mas picture few months ago, so get over it.

Semi-update, because it's semi-finished. Well, it's over 50% done, really.