26 March 2008


Expected some easter-related picture? WRONG. There will be no easter picture this year. Easter bunny really died in x-mas picture few months ago, so get over it.

Semi-update, because it's semi-finished. Well, it's over 50% done, really.


Anonymous said...

now it's about semi-fucking time! how long do you think we can wait for your lousy shit you slacker!?

also, very nice design. yes, indeed :]

aspenboy said...

You can wait as long as I want you to wait. Also, nice to know you like the design :]

Anonymous said...

Yeeeesss... very nice to see that there is a new release :)
I hope it is nobody from work ;)

Anonymous said...

Very nice handjob dude ;) It looks like Wityah for me... oh no, it is much prettyer 4 sure.
Peace to all tha "fkl" eaters and all tha "urinadah" swallowers . :D

aspenboy said...

LangeL: no, it's no one known ;)

ZaYka: nice to see you alive, mate. I'm glad you like this one :) Stay FKL! ;)