27 September 2007

Looks like he has a grenade.


Sting said...

im following you since the very begining. you are doing amazing progress mate. Beign more of a image-leecher and a visual junkie Im far from beign an artist. I should take an opinnion about you on the table though and say straight, that your style leaves much to wish for. As your technique is of great value with every following image, your style is still young and misdirected.
Its like your hand is evolving, but your soul is still slacking. There is something to it: Cartoon-like characters say one thing, but gloomy colours, lightning, poses, and scenes tell a totaly different tale here. You Lie in you paintings, Daily Handjob man. And what most see as entertaining in you works, I see it .. disturbing. Like a splinter in your mind. But Im still astonished by the progress you make. Keep it up mate!

Wojchrum said...

Why ofcoure he lies, bananahead, he IS evil. You should have gotten it by now. Id agree on the progress thingy though :p grrreat job!